Sorting the Event Calendar in Spark

By default, when you look at your event calendar page it's in upcoming date order. If there are events on the same date, they're alphabetized. Then the list continues with "future dates", but once you reach the "end of the future" it goes back to the OLDEST date in the system and works its way back to the most recent past dates. So rather than going "back to the future" it goes "forward to the past".

This ordering applies even when you sort by name. The date is an assumed secondary sort. For example: If you click the 'up' triangle at the top of the column the upcoming events appear first, a-z, then the past events a-z. Numbered events always appear first in each list.
You do have some filtering options available to narrow the event list. You can choose active or inactive listings, and filter by year, category, and listed or unlisted events.
OR, you can use the search box to quickly find an event. 
Type the first word from any event title WITHOUT clicking 'search' and you'll see a dropdown of events which start with that word. 
Pick the event you want from the dropdown and you'll jump straight to it. 
By clicking 'search' you'll get a detailed list of all the events which start with that word.
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