How to get help from Saffire Support

Right from the start, your team was paired with a Saffire Client Experience Manager. If you're using SaffireTix, you also have a Ticketing account manager. These are the individuals you can count on for guidance and assistance throughout the development of your website and/or ticketing site. 

But just like you, occasionally your account manager is going to be unavailable. It could be business related travel, vacations, weekends, or just being tied up in a meeting when you need help the most. Those times - and others - are why we encourage you to turn to one of the following support channels as your first step in getting support

Whether it's a simple question, a request for modifications to your website, or how to get action during an emergency, the descriptions below should point you in the right direction. We also urge you to view the flowchart to the right - you can click here to download it as a quick reference.

Our Help Center is always open - it's the orange Help button in the bottom right corner of Spark.

  • As soon as you click on Help you'll find Instant Answers from the Saffire Knowledge Base. And you can search for more solutions below the selected articles. 
  • If you can't find what you need, click Ask in the top orange bar. 
  • When someone on the Saffire team is available, the Chat option will appear. This is the fastest path to getting help with Spark
  • If we're tied up at the moment, if it's after hours, or if you don't need immediate answers, click Email to submit a support request. This option is active 24/7. These requests go to our entire support team, so typically someone will get back to you within an hour or the next business day if it's after hours... UNLESS it's an emergency! Then an even larger team at Saffire is notified and we'll get back to you ASAP! 

Phone - Rather than utilizing a call center with inexperienced people answering the phone, or relying on an automated bot to field your questions, we want you to get help directly from Saffire experts. Our support team takes pride in the level of personal service they provide, which means it's not unusual for them to be helping another client at any given time. That's why we have multiple support channels... and why we recommend reserving the phone for issues which need immediate attention during the day or during your live events. And if your call rolls to voicemail, please leave your contact information and specific details concerning the issue. The more we know from the beginning, the faster we can resolve the problem. 

Email - You'll know your account manager's email address, but that doesn't make it the best choice for getting help. If only one person receives your email and they're not available, it could sit without getting attention for hours... or even that person is out of the office. Unless you're in the middle of a dialogue with your coach, or you were asked to send something directly to a specific person, it's best to submit your questions/issues to our entire support team via the Help button.

Emergencies - Some support issues demand immediate attention. For example: if your site is not accessible, if your site is 'messed up' and not displaying properly, if your ticket selling or scanning is not working, if site visitors can't submit a registration form, if your regular site manager is not available and you need to make crucial changes... and so on.

During business hours - 8a-6p Central time, Monday-Friday, call us at 512-430-1123 x2.

• Selling and/or scanning via SaffireTix™ -  during live events call 512-430-1123 and select x3.

• After hours - submit a support ticket via the orange Help button - go to Ask > Email and select the Emergency ticket type. OR, go to and click Ask For Help to submit a new support request. This second option is especially useful if you're unable to access Spark, yet you still have Internet access. Here's what that looks like:

Saffire Support - Desktop/tablet view:

Saffire Support - mobile view:

This requires 2 clicks - first on the menu, then on Contact:

Regardless of how you contact Support, please provide all of the following information:

  • phone number
  • site URL
  • details concerning your question / issue
  • the URL of the page or product you're working on

With your help, we can speed things along!

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