SaffireText is a marketing tool to send mass texts to your customers. This is an optional Saffire service with additional cost. Check with your coach if you're interested in adding this tool.

Spark Location: Tools > Quicklinks > SaffireText


From the Messages tab you can filter your view from Pending messages and Sent messages.

You can also Add New Text Messages to the cue.

To create a new message click Add New Text Message:

Input your message into the message box and select whether it should be sent out now or schedule it for later.

Click Save.

Managing Contacts:

From the Contacts tab you can search for a phone number, add a phone number, and print, export or email your contact list.

Add A Contact:

Click Add Phone Number

Enter the number and service provider and click save.

To remove a phone number hover over the number and click Unsubscribe.

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