Video Gallery

This special page displays custom video galleries (from events, venues, local attractions, etc.).

View an example video gallery

Spark location: Pages > [ this could be in any section or sub-section ] > Video Gallery

Or search the the Bar tool for  Video Gallery

Add New Category to create video groups, such as 'Carrie Underwood concert', 'Tractor Pull', 'Wine & Cheese Festival', etc.

  • Add Category name
  • Save & Close

  • Click the + to the left an any pencil icon to open a category. When open, the + changes to a -
  • Click Add New Video

You can hover over an image to Edit or Deactivate

When you have more than one video, you can arrange them in any order.

  • Click & hold the up/down icon to the left of the pencil
  • drag the image into the position you choose
  • release the mouse button

You can arrange the categories in any order, as well, using the same method.

How to get a YouTube ID

  1. Go to the YouTube page featuring the video you want to embed
  2. click the SHARE button to get the official URL of that video. 
  3. The ID will be a random letter + number combination after "" or in the middle of "" The ID for this video is UQ3-MmAP7UY
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