Resolution & Pixel Dimensions

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Forget about image resolution for your website. Really. Image resolution affects print size, not screen size. If you'd like a detailed explanation on this topic, we recommend you read  The 72 PPI Web Resolution Myth. 

Pixel Dimensions

Technically (other than quality photography), the pixel dimensions are the only thing you need to be concerned with. Here are the guidelines for your Saffire site:

  • Images can be up to 2000 pixels wide or tall.
  • Make sure all of your images are at least 400 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall. If you load anything smaller, you won't have enough margin for cropping and they'll end up not filling the space allotted on event & business pages, or in the photo galleries.
  • Your main homepage feature should be no less than 600x400. You may need to crop these, as well.
    • Dimensions vary from site to site. Check with your Saffire coach if you need to get the correct dimensions for your main feature.
    • If you have an edge-to-edge main feature which fills the browser frame your image should be no less than 1920 pixels wide. The maximum height varies, depending on your site design.

NOTE: The first image loaded in the Media Module on event/business pages is what will appear in the event/business listings. These are always square to maintain design continuity. To see this in action, create an event page and add an image to the Media Module. 

Then save the page and go to the Event Calendar on your site (or starter site) and see how the image is displayed:

If you want a larger, non-square image to appear on event/business pages you'll want to add an Image Module to the page - but you'll still need to upload an image to the Media Module for use in the listings.

If you prefer to only see the larger, non-square image, you can hide the Media Module on the page from the PowerDots and that image will still appear in the listings:

Whoa. Game changer... and possibly confusing. Yeah, we understand... it might be best to hop a chat or contact your coach for more information.

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