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Quick access to the pages you use most often, plus support links throughout Spark.

Spark location: ALL Site Map pages.

Pinned Pages - Open the orange tab on the left hand side and click a push pin to add any page to this fast-access list.

Chat Open the orange message bubble in the bottom right hand corner - this is the fastest path to getting help pertaining to Spark. Click the orange icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to get answers to questions like "how do I schedule a homepage feature?", "how do i crop an image?", "how do I add a product to the tickets page?", etc. The first thing to try is clicking the FAQ tab at the bottom of the chat window to search for answers in the Saffire Knowledge Base. This is available 24/7. If that doesn't give you the answer you need, send your question via the Chat tab. Live chat is available 9 to 5 Central time, Monday through Friday. 

You can also submit questions & issues here, and it also provides another entryway to the Knowledge Base. Everything submitted notifies Saffire with a support ticket which goes to multiple people simultaneously. This is how an emergency issue should be submitted to us after hours. Non-emergency issues submitted after hours will be addressed the next business day.

For more on the best ways to get support click here!
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