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The 'Go to Google Analytics' button on Pulse connects you to your GA dashboard, which presents a wealth of data. Refer to the information below for a basic overview, or take the next step and learn more from Google:

Spark location:

Pulse > Go to Google Analytics

You should be receiving a monthly summary report on the 1st of each month. The report looks like this:

  1. Visits - a visit to a website where at least one page has been loaded
  2. Unique Visitors - this is the number of people that came to your website. It's different from "visits" because one person could have visited your website multiple times, but unique visitors gives you "per person" data.
  3. Pageviews - how many times your pages were visited. If someone only views your event schedule, this counts once. If they click on 15 event pages, each page counts toward this total.
  4. Pages/Visit - is a really interesting metric. It takes the number of visits and divides it by the pageviews. This shows an average number of pages that an individual will visit while on your site. The higher this number the better.
  5. Bounce Rate - a bounce is when a website visitor lands on your website and does not click any further than the page they arrived on. On average, most websites experience about 40%-60% bounce rate. The lower your bounce rate, the better. Consider what content you're displaying on your homepage. Is it content that encourages visitors to click further? Remember, a click is a clear indication of engagement. 
  6. Visits by Browser - this is always fun to know. What browser are your visitors using to get to you? Your website is built to support ALL current browser types, but it's interesting to see the change in the preference over time.
  7. Visits and Pages / Visit by MOBILE - this is the most important data point you have. How many visitors are coming to you via a mobile device. The row of "Yes" is the mobile traffic. You're most likely experiencing well over 50% of your traffic on mobile, so be sure to frequently view your site on mobile to ensure the content looks great!
  8. Visits by Traffic Type - shows how visitors arrived at your site (login to your Google Analytics account and click on Acquisition > Overview to get more details about this)

    • Referral means a visitor clicked a link to your site from another website
    • Direct means a visitor typed your website address directly into their browser
    • Organic means a visitor arrived on your site from an unpaid search engine. This includes general search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
    • Adroll means a visitor reached your site via paid digital marketing efforts, included search ads, social media, banner ads, etc.
  9. Keyword - these are the most common search words used to reach your site
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