Pulse Dashboard

The Pulse dashboard provides you with a quick overview of your site analytics and notifications. This page also provides alerts on action items needed to approve user submissions (if these are activated on your site). 

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  1. Action Required - This shows you any user-submitted content which is ready for review. Click on the icons to see what is pending.

  2. Site Pulse (previous month) - this is a summary of various data from your website in the previous month
    • Site visits - how many times your website was visited
    • Email signups - how many email addresses were collected on your signup
    • Forms submitted - the number of forms submitted through your site
    • User photos - the number of photos added to the event or business pages of your website
    • SaffireCommerce™ purchases - the number of transactions completed
    • SaffireCommerce™ revenue - total revenue processed through your website in the previous month

  3. Social Pulse - shows your current number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers

  4. Current Homepage Main Features - a quick glance at what's displaying in the key visual component of your homepage

  5. Overview - Right now - this gives you a quick glance at the number of visitors actively on your site. This includes a breakdown to show you who is visiting via mobile, desktop or tablet

  6. Most Visited Pages - this is your top 10. The "/" and "/default.aspx" are both references to your homepage.

  7. Traffic Sources - this is the path someone took to get to your website (there's more information on traffic sources below).

  8. Map - this is a look at last month's data, showing you where in the US your users were most concentrated

  9. Users by city - the cities with the highest number of visitors to your website if you want to know, ask your coach!

  10. Google Analytics button links to the Google Analytics dashboard, and gives you access to a wealth of data about your site 
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