Tools - Homepage Features: adding a song and creating a quick vote

If you would like to add songs to be listened to on your homepage, select the Songs tab under Homepage Features.

Select the Add a New Song link in the top left corner. Then you will be required to Upload Song (MP3 files only), Artist Name, Track Name, Album Name, and the Link to Event (this is the event page on your site). Then hit Save to save your changes.

When you go back to your list of songs, you can also edit or delete songs that you already have listed by hovering over the Artist Name.


If Quick Vote has been enabled on your Homepage, you're able to edit this in your homepage features. Select the Quick Vote tab and select the link in the top left that says Add a New Quick Vote Survey.

In this section you will be required to write a Question and provide Answers for visitors to vote for. Then select Save.


If you want to make the question Active or Inactive on your Homepage, click on the link under Show on Homepage. You can also edit, delete, or export answers to a quick vote by hovering over the Question.


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