Site Settings - Emails

Manage the email messages your site automatically sends to users who add to "My Events" or choose to send E-Cards, and control email signup check boxes throughout your site.

Spark location:

Tools > Site Settings > Emails

Public Site

Select Edit to customize your Reminder emails or Follow-up emails:



You can change the messages, but be certain to include all the text in curly brackets - {text} - to ensure that information specific to your event, organization and user will appear in the email.

Email signup check boxes - if this box is checked, the email signup option is pre-checked in these instances:

  • when a user creates a site account
  • when a user goes through the checkout process
  • when a user uploads business information or event information

E-Card Text

This text will show on e-cards sent from your website.

Don't forget to click Save before leaving the page.

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