Site Settings - Emails

Manage the email messages your site automatically sends to users who add to "My Events" or choose to send E-Cards, and control email signup check boxes throughout your site.

Spark location: Tools > Site Settings > Emails

Public Site

Select Edit to customize your Reminder emails or Follow-up emails:



You can change the messages, but be certain to include all the text in curly brackets - {text} - to ensure that information specific to your event, organization and user will appear in the email.

Email signup check boxes - if this box is checked, the email signup option is pre-checked in these instances:

  • when a user creates a site account
  • when a user goes through the checkout process
  • when a user uploads business information or event information

E-Card Text

This text will show on e-cards sent from your website. For example: "Enjoy the fun photos from My Big Event." or "The content in this email may not be the views of this organization."

Don't forget to click Save before leaving the page.

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