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If a countdown is included as part of your site theme, this tool gives you the option of displaying an event countdown on your homepage. 

Spark location:

Tools > Site Settings > Countdowns 

Create a New Countdown

  1. Click Add Countdown Dates
  2. Select the start and end date of your event
    NOTE: the countdown will be counting down to that initial date. If you put today's date as the start date, there will be no countdown.
  3. Next to the # Days there is a blank field to be used for identifying the event to which you're counting down. (see yellow highlighted box below)

    Add an appropriate phrase like "until the Taylor Swift concert" or "until this year's fair" to ensure that you don't have X days appearing randomly at the top of your site

Manage Countdowns

  • To edit or deactivate an active countdown, hover over the pencil next to the Message.
  • Deactivated countdowns can be seen by changing the Active dropdown menu to Inactive
  • When viewing Inactive countdowns, you have the option to Edit, Activate, or Delete a countdown. 

Post Event Message

Once your event dates have passed, your countdown will automatically start counting down to the next set of dates.
If you don't have upcoming dates, there is an option for a Thank You Message to show in place of your countdown. Just check the box and the message "Thanks for a great event" will be posted once the event end date has passed. 

To remove the message, simply un-check the box or add a new countdown to replace it. 

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