Users - Add a New User / site admin

Spark location: Tools > Users > Add a New User

Add a New User opens a popup window...


General tab requires first & last name, email address, a password and password confirmation. Click Save & Continue.


Account Info tab stores optional information and notes.


Access tab allows a user to be designated an admin and/or a member.

  • This Person is a Member - check this box to allow the user to see private member information (this may not be enabled on your site).
  • This Person is an Admin - check this box to allow the user to access Spark. Once checked, you'll be able to select which sections of your site this user can edit.
  • Device Access Rights - check this box to give the user login access to a SaffireTix™ device (this may not be enabled on your site)

Member tab - this may not be enabled on your site.
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