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There are several items that you're able to manage on your homepage in the header/footer: Header BannerHours & Directions, Contact, and Privacy & Terms.

Spark location: Tools > Header/Footer

Header Banner

The Header Banner tool allows you to place a short message on the top of every page of your website to make announcements or highlight information.

To create a header banner select Add New Header Banner this will open a pop up window where you can add a:

Title, Start Date, End Date and your Message (Hint: this can in total only be 110 characters.)

You can include a link within the text by adding this HTML:

Always remember to hit save!

Hours & Directions

  • To insert the google map, do a google map search of your organization's address.
  • Select the menu at the top left corner of the page > click on "Share or embed map" > copy the iframe code from the "Embed Map" tab.

  • Once you have copied the code, click on the <> in the WYSIWYG and paste in the code, then Save the page. (be sure to delete any existing content already there, like an old map, or Saffire address)


The Contact page is very similar to the Directions page and can be found under Tools > Header/Footer > Contact. This link will show up in the footer of your site.


The last feature you're able to edit in your Header & Footer is your Privacy & Terms. We have already added in a template for you to input your information, but you can also paste in your own Privacy & Terms if you have that information.

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