Tools Dashboard

This is a fast-access panel of links for feature settings on your site.

Spark location: Tools (make sure to click instead of hover)

Each of the blue bars is a module header for a sub-section of settings. These can be arranged to your preference.

  • the 4-arrow icon allows you to click & drag modules to different locations on the dashboard
  • the sprocket icon allows you to expand or collapse each module

    NOTE: rearranging the modules will also reorder the dropdown list under Settings in the Spark navigation
Special tools:
  • Users module gives you search capabilities without going to the Users page.
  • Forms module provides a form creation button
  • Update Header/Footer info
  • Establish your basic Site Settings
To make this the first page you see when you log in to Spark, check the box at the bottom left.
Some of the modules shown above may not be enabled on your site.
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