Businesses dashboard - business list

This is a break down of the master controls for your business listings. You can add & edit businesses, filter & sort the list, and manage multiple businesses all at once.

Spark location: Businesses

The Checkbox is used with the Actions, Active and/or Filters tools. Any number of businesses can be checked at a time.

The Star icon triggers whether a business is flagged as 'Our Pick' in the listings. Gold means it's picked, gray means it's not.

The Listed icon triggers whether a listing is shown in your site navigation. Green means it's listed, gray means it's not.

The icon displays if an event has items for sale.

Hover over a business name to manage details of that listing
  • Quick Edit gives you access to the basic details without leaving the list
  • Edit opens the full editing window for a listing
  • View opens a new browser tab to display the business page on your site
  • Copy duplicates a listing and adds 'Copy#' to the title
  • Deactivate makes a listing inaccessible/inactive on your site

up/down triangles will sort the list in ascending or descending order according to the column you've chosen

Category & Subcategory columns display the categories associated with each business

New icon appears when there are new image submissions for you to review. Click the icon to view the image(s). 

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