Add Listing

This opens a full business detail page. You'll add all the basic information, plus additional details to make your event listing as robust as you like. Even when you're done you can always come back and edit any information on this page.

Spark location: Businesses > Add Listing (or edit listing)


Clicking Add Listing will take you to a new page that looks like this:


From here, you can:

  • add the Business Name
  • check 'Our Pick' box to spotlight the business in the listings (optional)
  • check 'Unlisted' box to remove this listing from your site navigation. This does not turn off access to the listing for anyone with the actual URL. (optional)
  • add a friendly URL, which will shorten the overall web address (optional)
  • choose a Category or multiple categories where the business will appear in the listings. Some categories may have sub-categories.
  • select a location, or create a new location (optional)
  • link to either a location page with all events at that location, or a google map pop-up
  • upload music associated with this event (optional)
Save to activate the detail tabs at the bottom of the page.
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