SaffireTix™ - Redemption Report

You can find the Redemption Report in Spark under Commerce> Reports> Redemption

This report has a few changes than you've maybe seen in past years. We've added the ability to see at a glance how many codes have been used AND the total number of redemptions for your filtered date range.

Codes Redeemed refers to the actual ticket that's been used. In many instances the number of codes redeemed and total redemptions will match, however, there are a few scenarios in which they may vary.

Total Redemptions is the total of scans that actually occurred. For example, if a single ticket is sold as a Family admission product, it may have 4 redemptions associated with that code. Therefore, Codes Redeemed would show 1 while your Total Redemptions may show 4.  In *some instances, Total Redemptions may reflect attendance numbers. This is also true for a "static code," a code that is used as a counter for Free admission for Kids under 5, special deal days, etc, these codes will show one (1) under Codes Redeemed and something drastically different under Total Redemptions.

*if a ticket is admission for one (1) at the gates and has additional scan rules/locations (such as a VIP Gate or Carnival location) then this number isn't the best way to determine your Attendance.

The simplest way to determine your gate attendance numbers is to view the Redemption Report By Location, instead of By Product.

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