SaffireTix™: Dymo Printer Install Guide

    If you were shipped computers with the printer software already installed there's no need to follow the steps below.
    If you're connecting a printer to your own computer, then you will need to use these instructions.

Once the printer software (driver) is installed on the computer you're using for ticket printing, the video will show you how to load ticket stock into the the Dymo.

Getting started

When you’re installing a new printer on your computer, make sure you download and install the driver before plugging the printer into your computer. You’ll be prompted when you should plug it in. Getting ready to print on your ticket stock will be a quick and painless process, just follow these steps:

  • Download the Latest Software & Drivers by following this link:
  • After the download is complete, double-click the setup file to install the driver. When prompted, answer 'yes', 'agree', or 'approve' to all any/all questions.
    *Note: your computer might have a pop up notifying you that you must have admin access to continue, or that its not a verified app from the Store. You will need login to the admin account or override the notice to Install the driver.

Configuration of the printer

Once the driver is installed, plug in your Dymo Printer (both the power supply and the connection to your computer) and set up your ticket template:

  • Click on the start menu and start typing “control” select “Control Panel
  • Select "Devices and Printers"
  • Single click on the “DYMO Label…” printer and select Print server properties at the top of the window
  • Click “Change Form Settings

  • Check Create a new form
    • Form name: SaffireTix Dymo Ticket
  • Enter in the following Paper Size values:
    • Width: 1.95in
    • Height: 4.00in
  • Enter in the following Printer Area Margins:
    • Left: .01in
    • Right: .01in
    • Top: .01in
    • Bottom: .01in
  • Save Form on the top right
  • Click Apply then OK or Close

Printing from Web Box Office

Just select the DYMO Label Writer as your printer!

In Box Office, there are two (2) ways to print your tickets and receipts.

  1. Print using generated PDF document
    1. *PDF is slower to create, but has less settings that may need to be changed manually.
  2. HTML - without generated PDF document
    1. This is the faster option, but you will likely have to make some manual adjustments the first time you print.
    2. Verify Layout is Landscape
    3. Verify Paper size is SaffireTix Dymo Ticket
    4. Set margins to None
    5. Verify Scale is 100

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