Reserved Tickets - Redemption tab

STEP FOUR for creating/editing a reserved seat product in SaffireTix™ (each ticket has an assigned seat #).

This feature is not activated on all sites. 

Spark location: Commerce > Products > Add Product 

Other steps:  Initial Setup | General tabSales tab | Redemption tabTicket Face

  • Scannable Dates are required so that the code on the ticket can be scanned. You're able to add multiple scannable dates/times to a product if needed. Select ADD DATE to add additional scannable date ranges. To begin, select the start date that this ticket may be scanned (with a reserved ticket both the start date and end date will be the the date of the performance) 
    • it's recommended that you do NOT enter start time and end times for scanning as often times you will set the start time for the minute that the doors open, but on the day of the event you may want to start scanning 15 minutes earlier than that and having the start time means these tickets will be declined until that time. Either give yourself a large window of time that you believe you might actually be scanning, or enter no time at all (as you know that you will not have staff scanning tickets until the appropriate time for the show)

  • Redemption Limit Rule(s) requires you to select the Location or Location Group the product can be scanned and the Scan Limit. 
    • Select from the drop down list the location the product is able to be scanned at (select Add Rule to add multiple Redemption Limit rules). 
    • In Scan Limit select how many times this ticket may be scanned
      Single means this ticket may be scanned one time total at this location during the date ranges provided (this is best for General Admission tickets, good for one day)
      Unlimited scan limit means just that - this ticket may be scanned as many times as you like at this location/location group during the date ranges provided (it will never be denied, good for Full Access)
      Daily scan limit will allow you to determine how many times per the date range this ticket may be scanned at the selected location (good for season passes)
      Total scan limit will allow you to select the total number of times this ticket may be scanned at the location/location group during the specific time range (this is good for packages of multi-day use or multi-person packages)
      Day Pass limit allows this ticket to be "checked in" and "checked out" unlimited times per day, and at the end of the day the ticket resets to begin with a "check in" the next morning

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