Customer didn't receive tickets?

Tickets didn't show up in email? 

  • Ask the customer to check their spam folder.
  • If not there, see the steps below to retrieve the receipt and resend it.

No printer? No problem.

  • Customers can click the link in their receipt to "Print Tickets" which will open a new window for the tickets to be viewed.
  • Customer can also bring their phone to your event and show the tickets to be scanned

For iPhone users, there is an Add to Passbook/Wallet feature where they can add their tickets to the smart app on their phone! 

You can print or email the receipt and tickets:

  1. Commerce > Reports > Purchase 
  2. Search for the order, hover over the order #, and select “Print Receipt”. This will generate the receipt the customer received. 
  3. Click on the Print Tickets button. Then you’ll be able to print off the tickets and pass them along in person, at Will Call, or mail them out.

Here’s a screenshot of what the receipt page looks like:

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