SaffireTix™: Scannable Products Overview/Failed Scan Report

The scannable products overview allows you to view a snapshot of all your products that are setup and able to be scanned.

The scannable products overview is found under Sales > Reports > Scannable Products 

The overview shows the Products and Redemption Rules associated with that product.It's a quick way to check that your products have the right redemption rules and if you need to change anything, you can just click on the Product hyperlink to edit it!


The failed scan report allows you to view, print, export, or email any failed redemption made through the SaffireTix app.

You can get to this report by going to Commerce > Reports > Failed Scan 

This report will show the location and date the ticket was scanned. It will also show the reason for the failed redemption. If you hover over the ticket code, you will see a more detailed reason as to why the QR code failed to scan.


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