Purchases Reports: Re-sending Receipts & Tickets

If a customer loses their ticket or is having problems receiving an email confirmation we have made it easy to retrieve and resend the information to the customer.

(TIP: If they did receive the confirmation email and maybe didn't print the ticket out they can still pull up the email and the QR code will scan directly from their phone! Nifty huh?)

Spark Location: Commerce > Reports > Purchases 

  1. Narrow the search
    Change the date range to reflect the time period the ticket was purchased during. (This is especially helpful if a customer purchased a ticket before the event!) OR Select the "Category" that their purchase should have fallen under.
  2. Search for the transaction with the client email, name or even the product they purchased. 
    TIP: proof the email address - often customers misspell their own email address or enter the incorrect email
  3. Identify the purchase and hover over it - Select VIEW RECEIPT.  
    TIP: If you already know you want to email the receipt select EMAIL RECEIPT)
  4. At the top of the pop-up box there will be several options to choose from:

    Print Receipt will allow you to print the receipt (perhaps after the event if a customer needs it)

    Email Receipt will auto-populate the email attached to the purchase and allow you to re-send the receipt to the customer. If the customer entered the wrong email address you can also change the email address at this point.

    Save Receipt automatically saves a PDF copy to your computer

    Print Tickets allows you to automatically access & print the tickets associated with that purchase.

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