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This article was written in 2020. If your account or the screen caps do not match, please help us out and notify your coach about this! 

Enabling PayPal Here from your PayPal.com account will allow you to process in-person transactions at a reduced rate and make the money in your account accessible immediately. This feature will also allow you to process in-person payments with a chip reader. 

In order to process your mobile transactions (in the SaffireTix app), you will need to follow these steps and be in communication with your coach:


sign up for PayPal Here

  1. Go to PayPal.com and login

  2. Click on Point of Sale under your Quick links 

  3. Select Get Started where you will go to the PayPal Here page and select Sign Up Now
  4. Scroll down to the Getting Started section, and click step #1 link "Sign up for PayPal Here"

  5. Enter in the mobile phone number associated with this account and get confirmation that "you're ready to go." You DO NOT need to download the PayPal Here app as SaffireTix will process your payments.


activating PayPal Here on your Saffire site

Now that you've enabled PayPal Here in your Paypal.com account, the next step needs to be coordinated with your Saffire coach. At this point, notify your coach that PayPal Here has been enabled. We'll add an activation link to your Spark dashboard that you will need to approve... you're almost there!


  2.  Login in, or maybe you're already logged in to your PayPal.com account and click the Agree button

  3. This will take your back to Spark with an APPROVED message - YOU DID IT! 

Now, just decide if you want to rent or purchase your PayPal Here credit card readers. You can purchase them here: https://us.paypal-here.com/card-readers/

Your coach can help you choose the best fit for your needs. 

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