Purchases Report

The Purchases Report is the dashboard for viewing orders, commonly referred to as transactions and/or receipts. You can search, filter, cancel, save and print receipts and tickets, print the entire report and export two different formats of this report. By default, this report will show you the last one month of sales, and if there are more than 50 orders, the report will paginate (i.e. Page 1 of 3)

Spark Location: Commerce > Reports > Purchases Report

  1. Select the Show Select Category dropdown to find orders based on a specific product category or product. You can also use the Filters dropdown to find more specific receipts. Active, Cancelled, All is an additional filter you can apply
  2. Select a Start and End date to find orders within a specific time period
  3. Search receipt order number, customer name, email address, OR organization name to help find a receipt in this report
  4. Hover over an Order # to take action on that specific receipt
    1. View Receipt will give you a new window to view the receipt in, from there you can still Print, Save or Print SaffireTix Tickets
    2. Print Receipt will open a new browser tab for you to print the page from
    3. Save Receipt will download the receipt as a PDF for you to save to your computer
    4. Print Tickets (only available for SaffireTix products) will open a new tab to the tickets where you can quickly save or print in your browser
      1. Usage will allow you to see any redemptions of tickets
      2. SaffireTix orders placed in the box office may also include a Notes field
    5. Print Mailing Label allows you to print mailing labels on an Avery 5160 label (only applies to orders where a shipping address was required and provided)
      1. Select the first sticker you want to print on and a PDF will be generated for you to print
    6. Cancel will cancel and refund an order. Your customer will receive confirmation of this refund.
      1. Depending on how long ago a purchase was made, your Virtual Merchant provider (maybe PayPal Pro, Authorize.net, etc.) will either say the order has been "refunded" or the purchase was pending but "not fulfilled." 
      2. Some orders placed over 90 days ago may not be available for refund with Spark. You will need to login to your payment processor to complete a refund there. 
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