Promo Codes

Promo Codes allow you to share a discount code with your customers for their purchases.

Spark Location: Sales > Promo Codes

This dashboard is similar to others with bulk Actions, Active view and Filtering. Click the grey Add New Promo Code button to get started.


  1. Determine if the promo code is Active or Inactive
  2. Give your promo code a Name
  3. Type in the exact characters for your Promo Code. This is what your customer will need to type into the shopping cart in order to get their discount. Upper and lower case will not matter. 
    Ex: 10OFF is the same as 10off - your customer will be able to type in either and still receive the discount!
  4. Give the Description in Cart next to explain to your customers their discount.
  5. Select the Valid Dates that this code can be used (a start date is required). Be sure to select a start and end date
  6. Select your Promo Type
    1. Discount off Order will apply your discount to the entire purchase
      1. Select either a $ amount or % Percentage to take off the whole order
    2. Discount off Product will only apply to a specific type of product you have for sale
      1. Click Add Products to determine which products those are


      2. Search for and select your product

      3. Determine how and how much you want to discount that product

      4. Decide if you will limit the number of products that this discount can be applied to

  7. Then check the boxes for the extra options available to you
    1. If a customer enters this promo code, does that Include Free Shipping? If so, check the box, then select which shipping methods are free with this code
    2.  Discount has a Maximum allows you to determine the total amount of money you're willing to discount with this code, or the total uses this promo code has
    3. Discount has an Order Minimum requires your customer to meet the minimum standards in their shopping cart before they can complete this order with the discount
    4. Check the box for One time use if you'd like for this promo code to only be available to a single customer once
    5. Waive customer fees only applies to customer fees added to the products but can be removed with a promo code
    6. Override Expired Discount Message allows you to customize the message users receive if the end date of the promo code has been passed or the maximum has been met. The default is "Discount has expired." If you'd like to override that message, you may do so here.
  8. Once you've enabled your first promo code, a checkbox will become available for you to check at the bottom of the product editor window.
    1. For each product you want to be able to accept promo codes, you'll need to check this box in order for the code to work!

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