Product Categories

Product Categories provide an extra layer of filtering and labeling for both managing and editing your products, and reviewing your reports.

Spark Location: Sales > Product Categories


You can Edit or Deactivate already existing Product Categories by hovering over the name. If a Product Category has Subcategories, there will be a plus sign next to it. Click to edit the Subcategories. You can also change the order of these by hovering over the up and down arrows until your mouse becomes a cross-bar, then click down on the arrows, drag the category to where you want, when you can see the shadowed area of where you want to drop to category, release your mouse. 

To create new Product Categories, click Add New Category >


  1. Give your Category a Name
  2. Click Save & Close if that's the only category you need to create. Click Save & Continue and from that screen you'll be able to Allow Subcategories. Or you can click Save & Add Another to move on to your next Product Category

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