Spark location: Site Map > Sponsors

When your site was new, Sponsors was listed under the top section, but it may have been moved to a lower position/different section under Site Map

Even if Sponsors is deactivated or unlisted so that the page is not visible in your site navigation, the sponsors can still be added to dynamic pages, event pages, or appear on the homepage (if you have that feature enabled).

Once you've located it, hover over the pencil or name and click Edit.

  • Content tab - this is where you manage your sponsor logos and categories
  • Text tab - you can add introductory text to the top of your Sponsors page
  • Page Info tab - you can modify the page title, add keywords and a description for Search Engine Optimization

You can classify your sponsors within categories, such as "Community Sponsors" or "Media Sponsors" - click Add New Category, add a name and save.

Click the + to view sponsors within a category.

Hover over a pencil to edit an existing sponsor (if any) or click Add New Sponsor

You can Select an Existing Sponsor from another category, OR create an entirely new sponsor.

Add the Sponsor Name.

Add the Sponsor URL (optional)

If the category shown is incorrect, select from the dropdown menu

Upload an image to represent the sponsor (usually a logo)

Check Make "Major Sponsor" on Homepage if your site has this feature enabled

Check Show on Homepage if your site has this enabled and you want the sponsor to appear on the homepage

Check This is a national sponsor to add this sponsor to a library that other Saffire events will be able to see, so they don't have to secure logos. (e.g., Coke).

Save - or Save & Add another - and close the window


  • Categories and sponsors can be arranged in any order - click & hold the up/down icon to the left of the pencil to drag & drop it in the order you prefer.
  • You can choose any of your existing sponsors when using the Sponsors module/tab on dynamic pages, event pages and business pages.

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