Event & Business Views + Itinerary

Spark Location: Businesses OR Events

Go to either listing, Businesses or Events, in the top navigation.

Next to the Add Businesses OR Event button there will be "More" with a drop down. Hover over and select Edit Listing View.

There you will select at least one listing view and a default view. (This is just how the events or businesses will be displayed on the page!)

To build your itinerary go to the businesses or events page on your actual website.

Hover over the event or business.

You will see a suitcase shaped icon. Click on the suitcase. (It will turn blue)

On the side of the screen there is another Suitcase Icon that says "View Itinerary" - this will take you to a page of only your selected events or business.

This can be printed, saved or even sent to a friend!

Save the itinerary by creating an account.

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