Items - Add Item: For Sale/Not For Sale

The Items Module empowers you to set dates for events, link event pages to SaffireTix products and external ticket products.

Spark location:  Events > Add Event Page (or edit an event) > Items > Add Item

All event pages come with an items module already in the template which populates to reflect the dates indicated when building the page.

Site visitors can save event dates to their Outlook calendar and/or Google Calendar.

When a user hovers over the calendar icon on an item, the ADD TO box pops open:

To take action click into the module. From here there are several options:

-title the module

-Filter the status from ACTIVE to INACTIVE

-Edit a live Item by clicking into the box

-and add a new item by selecting  Add Item

There are two routes from there -

For Sale


The first step in adding an item For Sale is connecting it to an existing product, or creating a new product.

To add an existing product:

  • Search for a product name
  • Or, use the dropdown to Select Category and then Select Product.
  • Add a date (optional)
  • Save

If you need to create a product, choose Add a New Product, which opens this window:

Select the type of product you want sell. NOTE: Once you've have saved a product's sales information, you can't change the Product Type. At that point, if you wish to use a different type, you'll need to delete the product and start over.

Click the following links for step-by-step instructions on creating these types of products.

SaffireCommerce™ is used for anything not requiring a ticket, such as merchandise, registrations, reservations and more. Not all sites have this feature activated.

SaffireTix™ is for print-at-home online tickets, advance (pre-printed) tickets and gate ticket sales through the SaffireTix™ app. Not all sites have this feature, or certain components of this feature, activated. 

External products link to your third party ticketing provider to complete the purchase.

Not For Sale

Not for Sale items can highlight event details such as a pre-show event, parking information, guest policies, etc. Plus, you can add a form to allow event registrations, surveys or contest entries.

Spark location: Events > Add Event Page (or edit an event) > Items > Add Item > Not For Sale


To create a Not For Sale item:

  • add the name
  • add a description (optional)
  • add a cost description for items that are for sale offline (optional)
  • add a form (optional)
  • add an image to represent this product (optional)
  • Save ... or Cancel
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