Reviewing user submitted photos

Using images provided by your customers is a great way to increase interactivity and improve your event photography. We've built a tool so your customers can easily contribute to the content of your website. Note: this tool might not be active on your site. Contact your coach for more information.

Spark alerts you via the Pulse dashboard and on the Event dashboard to photos which have been submitted. Everything uploaded requires your review & approval before they're made visible to the public. Any undesirable images can be deleted.

The Pulse dashboard will show you if any event photos have arrived in the 'Action Required' module...

Click on the camera icon and you’ll be taken to the Event dashboard where events with NEW images will display an orange button in the extreme right column.

Click an orange NEW button to review the images submitted. After the event page loads, locate and edit the MEDIA module, then select User Images.

If you're happy with the photos submitted, you can check the box to the left of each photo and and then select the APPROVE SELECTED button below the images.

If you do NOT approve of any photo you can click the Powerdots for that image and Delete.

If you need a better look at the image, click on the Powerdots and select Edit

You can then review the users contact information and caption. You can click the link of the photo to see it larger or even crop it.

Once you've cleaned up the user submitted photos and approve them, this will automatically add these photos to the bottom of the event media rotation, but you can always move them up if you like.

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