6.4 Release Notes


NEW: Order Editor
NEW: Order Viewer
Current Restrictions
Purchases Report
Sales Report
Audit Report
Manage Users
Box Office
Online Channel
New Fee Type
Full Page Receipt
Cancellation Receipt
Ticket Adjustments
Redemption Export
Report Filters
New Terminology

After much anticipation and hard work from our development team, we are ecstatic to announce the much-awaited Order Management Tool, allowing you to exchange tickets without having to utilize the painful workaround of refund/rebuy.

Reporting capabilities have also been enhanced. Purchases, Sales, and Redemptions Reports have been updated to give you more information about an order on the screen (like channel, location, seller, delivery methods, etc.) while making it easier to filter, search and export that data. 

Order Management

NEW: Order Editor tool

• Allows you to make exchanges and process refunds
• Available from the purchases report (“Edit” option on an order)
    • Add Reserved Seats, Reserved Season Seats, GA Tickets and SaffireCommerce Products to an order
    • Add transaction fees to an order, including those that are only available for upgrades/exchanges
    • Remove ALL purchased items from an order.  You can granularly remove the ticket and/or the fee
      • You can split season tickets
      • You can return reserved seats to holds
    • Admin can add notes to an order
    • Admin can assign updates to a specific user
    • Admin can email an updated receipt to the customer and send them a note in the email
    • When processing a credit card refund, the admin can choose to “record only” the transaction.  This will result in a big warning showing to the admin and effectively records a refund in Spark but does not try to refund the credit card through the gateway.
    • If the admin attempts to process a partial refund within 24 hours of the original transaction a warning will be shown.
    • If the admin attempts to refund tickets that were either redeemed or transferred a warning will be shown.
    • If during a refund of multiple credit cards, and one refund fails, the admin will be presented with a workflow for balancing an order
    • The cancel order functionality now uses the order editor.  This provides more functionality to the cancellation process and allows an admin to review the order before cancelling.

NEW: Order Viewer tool

• Available from the purchase report (“View” option on an order)
    • The goal of this tool is to provide our customers with a full detail of an order - both active and cancelled
      • Admin can view all admin notes recorded on an order along with the ability to add new ones
      • Admin can update an order’s customer information (name, email), delivery address and custom fields
      • This is V1 of this tool. 
        • The section of this tool that shows the order history is an iframed version of the online channels order history.  This will be replaced in the near future (coming soon)
        • Our intention is to add 100% support for all fields (and more) that are represented in the purchase report export detail (coming soon)
        • We also plan to add far more information about the products purchased, their ticket information, etc (coming soon)

Current Restrictions

    • Can only charge/refund with the same payment method that was used to place the order
      • This is required in order to continue to facilitate showing payment methods sales breakdowns on our existing sales reports where other data is shown (ie. user, location, product views)
      • One exception to this rule is if the original order was a COMP.  In that case you can add value to an order and use any of the available payment methods
    • Spliting GA Packages
    • Adding GA Packages
    • Adding Products with Forms
    • Adding map items
    • Adding delivery fees
    • Adding pay with multiple payment methods per revision
    • Updating invoices or pay for invoices
    • Processing same day partial refunds for credit card transactions
    • Upgrading/downgrading price types for a seat in a single revision (coming soon!)
    • Adding seats from holds
    • Adding value to orders placed through the Square payment gateway (online only)


Purchases report enhancements

    • Updated the action hover to group receipt and ticket options
    • Added new action hover item for balancing an out of balance order
    • We now show more information about an order on the screen (channel, location, seller, delivery method(s), etc)
    • Filters
      • We replaced the date/time filters.  You can now filter down to the second
      • The channel filter has been modified to allow you to filter orders for each box office subchannel (web, mobile, kiosk)
      • A new filter for delivery methods has been added
      • A new filter for “out of balance” has been added
        • This will allow an admin to find orders that have been put into a very rare scenario where the money processed through the payment gateway doesn’t match the value of the order
      • In the filters for payment, location and seller we have grouped and italicized all “static” items at top. “static” refers to items that aren’t manageable by our customers.
      • Removed “View Unprocessed Partial Refunds” selection box
    • Search
      • Updated the keyword search to look at
        • Order #
        • Customer First, Last, Email
          • Including Full Name
        • Billing Address Company, City, Zip, Phone
        • Delivery Address Company, City, Zip, Phone
        • Card last 4
        • Ticket Transferee Recipient Name, Email
    • 2 new exports have been added
      • “Marketing” export
        • This will show order “header” information (ie. not products) that fit the filters selected on the purchase report.  This replaces the current “Export” option which is no longer available.
      • “Transaction” export
        • This will show all “transactions” (card, cash, check, dynamic payment types) that fit the filters selected on the purchase report.
          • Note that this will return all transactions for the orders that result from the filter set.  We are looking to bring this to the Sales reports where it will be more effective for reconciliation with 3rd party systems since it will primarily target the date range of transactions there.

Sales Report adjustments

    • We replaced the date/time filters.  You can now filter down to the second
    • The option to toggle sales mode vs accounting mode is gone.  Accounting mode is our only reporting mode.
    • In the filters for payment, location and seller we have grouped and italicized all “static” items at top.  “static” refers to items that aren’t manageable by our customers.
    • The “Transaction Type” filter now only provides options for “Credit with Refund” and “Credit without Refund” on the Payment Type view.
    • The # of charges/credits on the (seller, location, date) views represent the # of revisions
      • Net $0 revisions show as a "charge" in the transaction views
    • In reports that show a summary of payments (ie. cash, card, check, etc) it is possible for the numbers to not align between the primary result set and the payments section IF there are orders out of balance during that time window.
      • This can also result in the Payment Type report not reconciling with the other Sales report views

Audit Report adjustments

    • We now show the discount name instead of the discount code in the sold section of the report.  This will shrink the report considerably when a multi-code discount is used.

Manage Users

    updates user rights to allow order editing and viewing

Box Office adjustments

    • Web BXO
      • In the sales history, there is now a “View History” link that when clicked will provide a full history of the order
      • The name field has been split into two fields for First Name and Last Name
    • Manage Seats
      • The name field has been split into two fields for First Name and Last Name
    • All BXO Channels
      • If an order is attached to multiple payment methods we always show the original payment method on the receipt AND a note below the original payment information that says “Multiple Other Payments”
      • In BXO channels that have an order search, the same data points are searched that were mentioned for the purchase report.
    • Restriction - All BXO channels
      • We are currently restricting the cancellation of orders with multiple credit card payment methods in order to avoid getting into an out of balance scenario

Online channel adjustments

    • We’ve added a new page that’s available from order receipts with multiple revisions, the my account screen and the find my tickets screen for a customer to view the full history and details of their order

New Transaction Fee type

    • There is a new option “Upgrade/Exchange Fee” available on transaction fees. When this setting is checked, this fee is only applicable within the new order editor tool

Full Page Receipt adjustments

    • If the order has revisions, then a new link at the bottom of the receipt will show that takes the user to a page where they can view the full history of the order.  Also in this scenario we do not show billing information on the email receipt as it shows on the new landing page

Cancellation Receipt

    • The content has slightly changed and it now includes a new link at the bottom of the receipt will show that takes the user to a page where they can view the full history of the order. 

Ticket adjustments (all tickets)

    • Package tickets will now show “Value of $00.00” where the value is tickets original price.  If the package ticket’s price type doesn’t exist on the original product, then nothing will show for the price.

Additional Non-Order Management Feature Included

    • A detailed redemption export has been added to the redemption report to show unique success scans that occurred during the selected filter set

New “Static” elements that can be used for report filters

    • Spark Holds - Represents orders placed in the manage seats tool
    • Spark Pre-Prints - Represents batches created
    • Spark Revisions - Represents orders edited in the order editor
    • Website - Represents online orders


    • Website User - Represents online orders

New Terminology


    This is any change to an existing order.  When you click save in the new order editor, you are creating a revision (or snapshot) of those changes. 

    • In the future we will expose revisions on the order viewer in spark

Out of Balance

    This is when the total of the order does not match the total processed by a credit card gateway.  This is a rare scenario that can happen if an admin attempts to refund two credit cards at the same time and one of them fails.  If the admin doesn’t mark the failed transaction as “record only”, the order gets into an out of balance state, making it un-editable (except to mark it as balanced)

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